Feb 28, 2014

Five on Friday!

Helloooooooooooooooooo WEEKEND! :) Woot woot! 

-ONE- Last Saturday and Sunday the hubs and I watched the kids of some friends of ours and we had a great time! BUT they kept us on our toes and we were pretty tired on Sunday night! :) They are 5 and 14 so you can probably guess the big difference in the activities they enjoy! You can read about this family and our relationship here. Here a few pics from the weekend fun! 

Took the little man to the Lego Movie! If you haven't heard...."Everything is Awesome!" haha what a catchy song! 
            Photo: This little sweetie was pretty excited about this movie! #legomovie

What goofballs! :) Love those boys!

-TWO- I am so blessed to work with some amazing people! One of my co-workers Sami is also a pretty wonderful friend as well! That sweet girl brought me a surprise gift on Monday. Caribou and a cute mug! She knows me so well!

-THREE- On Tuesday a few co-workers and I attended the Journey To Freedom exhibit in Iowa City. They had used a lot of the materials from our exhibit and we wanted to see how it turned out. It was very well done and the information is always powerful. 

"Journey to Freedom is an experiential walk-through exhibit looking into the reality of human trafficking."

-FOUR- On Wednesday my hubs took me out to breakfast...I love dating my husband! 

-FIVE- Today is my good friend Bree's Birthday! :) Love her and all her spunk! Pray for her if you get a chance, her husband is leaving for 6 weeks to do some military training. She is going to really miss him. 


Feb 19, 2014

Winter Carabox Reveal

Cara Box

Hey there! I am here to {Link Up} with Katelyn over at Wifessionals for her Carabox Exchange. I have been participating in the Carabox Exchange for almost a year now and it has been so fun! You get to know ladies from all over and you also get a fun surprise package at the end! Who doesn't like surprise packages in the mail? 

The Winter Carabox theme was {SHINE}
The idea was to send your partner items that reflect what makes them SHINE! 
This is the way that Katelyn explained this months theme. 

"Whatever ways your partner shines, put together a box that compliments those things about her. A bag of coffee to help her get through the sleepless night and midnight feedings. A luggage tag for her frequent business trips around the country. Beautiful stationary to record her thoughts and feelings. Discover all of the beautiful things about the woman she is and send her a package that celebrates her!"

This month we also were partnered with people from our own state which was AWESOME! It was so fun to get to know someone from a place close to you! I was partnered with Danielle and Janene. It was so fun getting to know both of them! This month Katelyn used Instagram as a way to reveal your Carabox and also keep in contact with your partners! I loved that because I probably look at my Instagram like 50 times per day so I always saw their updates! 

I sent a package to Danielle. She is a young momma with a sweet little one and another one on the way! It was great to be able to get her items for her box that were for her little ones as well as some treats for her! 

Janene over at Celebrating Life sent my a box. She did an amazing job picking out items that I LOVE!

I LOVE getting mail so when I saw this I think I squealed a little! 

Look how cute she packaged it!

All of the lovely items inside! 

1. Caribou Coffee...enough said! 

2. Lotion... it smells so good and I have seriously used it every day!

3. Adorable earrings. I have worn them twice already. 

4. Cutest coffee mug with delicious chocolates inside! 

5. EOS lip balm that stuff is magical. 

6. Cutest gold and pink notepad! I have started making my grocery list on this!

And last but not least she wrote me a cute little note!

Thanks Janene!

I am so excited because I think I may have an opportunity to meet her next week! Can't wait!

Thanks for stopping by!


Feb 14, 2014

Five on Friday: Valentines Edition!

Happy Friday and Happy Valentines Day beautiful readers!! 

-ONE- I am a sucker for holidays and one of my favorite things is dressing up for them! So today I got out my big comfy red sweater to help make the day more festive! :) 

-TWO- I also love giving gifts and so I found the cutest little candle holders at Target in the dollar section! I couldn't resist! Here are the two Valentines I got for two of my lovely co-workers, Kelsey and Sami! Love them! :) 

-THREE- My amazing husband has gone above and beyond this week to make me feel special! Seriously, he is the most thoughtful man in the world! He surprised me on Sunday with this beautiful necklace! That was such a fun surprise and so unexpected! 

-FOUR- This isn't Valentines related but it is still equally exciting! Wednesday was my big sissy's birthday! Unfortunately I wasn't able to see her on her birthday but hopefully I will for a little bit this weekend! :) Happy Birthday Sister! Love you!

-FIVE- Tonight the hubs and I are having an exciting date at home! I am SO excited! We are making a fabulous dinner, drinking lots of wine and building a fort in our living room! Can't wait for that! That is something I have always wanted to do together and tonight is the perfect time. It probably won't be as elaborate as this pic but I can dream right? 

Happy Valentines Day! What are your plans? 


Feb 7, 2014

Five on Friday!

-ONE- Last Saturday morning I had a very special breakfast date with my handsome husband. We had such a huge and delicious breakfast along with Caribou coffee and great conversation! Perfect way to start the day!

Since the hubs changed jobs he has been growing a pretty legit beard. He is pretty proud of it! I like it a lot as well! 

-TWO- I got to snuggle with this little guy over the weekend! Such a precious little man! :) If you have been reading my Five on Friday posts over the last couple of weeks you may have noticed a trend...babies! Well...I may have baby fever just a little bit! We have talked about kids a lot lately and have decided that we are not going to start trying for a while longer. So.... that means I will have to get my baby cuddles from all of my friends little ones! :) That will do for now! 

-THREE- I received my Cara Box this week! I have been participating in Katelyn's Cara Box Exchange for almost a year now and I have LOVED it! Katelyn blogs over at Wifesssionals. It is so amazing getting to know women all over the country and receiving a special package from them makes it even more fun! This Cara Box was a link-up with people from your own state! It was great to get to know ladies that live so close to me! I received my package from Janene and she could not have been more SPOT ON to the things that I love!! Coffee, cute mug, stylish notepad, eos lip balm, earrings, lotion and candy! Such an amazing 

-FOUR- Even though the game on Sunday was not everything we hoped it would be... the food was still AWESOME!! We were able to go over to some our friends house so we had a great time watching the commercials, talking and of course eating! 

-FIVE- I have been sick for the past couple of days and have had to miss work. I absolutely hate missing work and I have having to use my vacation days at home in bed. BUT thankfully I am feeling much better and will back to work tomorrow right in time for the weekend. Thank goodness.