Aug 27, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me!

I am very excited to share that it is my BIRTHDAY TODAY!! Wohoo! Unfortunately it is kind of a depressing birthday. I am now 25! That just seems so old to me! I can’t believe how fast time has gone and that I am now half a century. Ugh!  I just can’t focus on that. Instead I am going to focus on what a great day it has been so far. 

My sweet hubs took me out for breakfast this morning and we just enjoyed sweet time together. It was so precious to me. Then I had coffee with a dear friend of mine. It is always a blessing to get together with her and chat about life and Jesus and future babies. Love her. I have been able to spend a few hours today with God and reading about His promises and truths. So incredible refreshing! Later I am going to lunch with Co-workers and then tonight I am having a lovely night-in with my husband and some of our dear friends. Such a beautiful day!

Sorry I have been M.I.B. (Missing in blog) lately. The last couple of weeks have been CRAZY busy but I will return soooon! Have a great day everyone! I know I will. J

Aug 21, 2014

California vacation!

I know I have disappeared for a few weeks but I am BACK! As many of you know I was on vacation for a family reunion a few weeks ago and I wanted to take myself away from the blog during that time so I could concentrate on spending time with my family as well as trying to relax with my hubby. When we got back from vacation life became pretty crazy and I had a lot to catch up on! Well I am back and can’t wait to share with ya’ll some of the highlights from the California vacation we took!

Today I am going to share with you some of the highlights from our family reunion vacation to Santa Cruz, California, August 7-13.

On Thursday we flew out of Minneapolis to Oakland, California. We had one layover in Kansas City which was brief. When we got there we checked into our hotel, and had a quick supper before going to an Oakland Athletics game.

On Friday morning we woke up and left to pick my sister up at the San Francisco airport. Then we made a quick stop to the Golden Gate Bridge and then headed down Highway 1 towards Santa Cruz. On our way we made a stop at a beautiful restaurant as well as a beautiful beach.

We made it to our condo, settled in and had a family gathering dinner at one of the houses we were staying at.

The next day we had a great time visiting the Redwoods and then had a relaxing afternoon before we cooked dinner for everyone at our house.
After dinner we had a bonfire on the beach which was a blast.

Sunday we visited Moss Landing, a cute town about 20 minutes from where we were staying. It had many shops and cute restaurants and we stopped for lunch at a delicious Mexican restaurant. That afternoon we relaxed on the beach, played sand volleyball and then had dinner at one of the houses.

Monday we went to the aquarium in the morning, walked around Monteray and then went to the boardwalk in Santa Cruz and went on some of the rides. It was a beautiful night.

Tuesday we spend pretty much all day on the beach. It was glorious! That night we had another bonfire on the beach and said goodbye to family.

Wednesday morning we left bright and early and had a long day of traveling. The vacation went too fast but we had a great time! It was so wonderful to see some of my family I hadn’t seen in a while and get to catch up with them. Can’t wait for the next family reunion! 

Thanks for following along! 

Aug 4, 2014

August Goals

I am jumping on the August Goals bandwagon and I am excited to get started! I hope that by writing out my goals and sharing them with Ya’ll it will give me motivation to actually accomplish them and also keep me accountable as well. I have been meaning to write goals for a while now kept putting it off. Well today is the day!

August Goals
1.      Read and finish two books- Bread and Wine being one of them.
2.      Go camping.
3.      Work out at least 5 days a week.
4.      Get tropical snow with my sweet hubby.
5.      Clean out my closet and organize it.
6.      Have a garage sale.
7.      Become more organized and keep up with my calendar and planner.
8.      Send out birthday cards.
9.      Make 2 crafts/DIY projects.
10.  Start brainstorming Christmas card ideas.

I am not the most organized person and I am really working on that. I have seen some improvement in the last year but I still feel like I have a long way to go. Making this goal list is one of the ways that I am using to help me improve. I hope that by concentrating on few things and not trying to accomplish a million tasks I will be more productive and not feel as anxious.

Only two more days till my beach vacation! EEK! I will probably not be posting as much if at all this next week. I really want to focus on my family time and relaxing with my husband. Hopefully I can keep you all updated through Instagram though!