Aug 27, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me!

I am very excited to share that it is my BIRTHDAY TODAY!! Wohoo! Unfortunately it is kind of a depressing birthday. I am now 25! That just seems so old to me! I can’t believe how fast time has gone and that I am now half a century. Ugh!  I just can’t focus on that. Instead I am going to focus on what a great day it has been so far. 

My sweet hubs took me out for breakfast this morning and we just enjoyed sweet time together. It was so precious to me. Then I had coffee with a dear friend of mine. It is always a blessing to get together with her and chat about life and Jesus and future babies. Love her. I have been able to spend a few hours today with God and reading about His promises and truths. So incredible refreshing! Later I am going to lunch with Co-workers and then tonight I am having a lovely night-in with my husband and some of our dear friends. Such a beautiful day!

Sorry I have been M.I.B. (Missing in blog) lately. The last couple of weeks have been CRAZY busy but I will return soooon! Have a great day everyone! I know I will. J


  1. Happy birthday! Praying the Lord blesses you with a wonderful year!

  2. Happy belated 25th, girlfriend!!!! I just know that 25 will be an amazing year for you!!