May 19, 2014

1st Year of Marriage: Letter to my husband

 Yesterday was our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! 
I cannot even begin to describe how crazy it is that we have already been married an entire year! It just doesn't seem possible because it seems like we just got engaged! Wow. Time really does go faster the older you get. We celebrated our anniversary last weekend when we took our weekend getaway. You can read all about that here. One of my best friends was graduating from college on Saturday and I really wanted to go to that so we decided to celebrate a week early. 

Yesterday we had a wonderful day celebrating again! We went to church in the morning and then after drove for a couple of hours to a graduation party for his cousin. It was great to see a lot of his family and to catch up with them. We spent most of the afternoon with them and then afterwards made the drive home. Last night we cut our cake top and watched our wedding video while drinking wine. It was the perfect way to celebrate. 

This is the letter I wrote Jordan and gave him yesterday. 


1 year ago today I was getting ready to walk down the aisle towards you. I kept thinking about how much I loved you and how I couldn't imagine loving you any more than I already do. Well, I can honesty say I love you even more than I did a year ago. You and I have had an incredible journey so far! From when you asked me to date you in our car outside of my apartment. To when you asked me to marry you that day on the ball field. To when we said our vows in a barn in front of 300 people. Our relationship has been incredible.This first year of our marriage has been the best year of my life and I know that every year we are married it is only going to get better.

 Jordan, thank you for loving me pursuing me furiously and for serving me every day. You are an amazing husband and I couldn't thank you enough for asking me to be your wife. I love being married to you. I love waking up next to you and laughing with you in the mornings. I love snuggling close to you at night and hugging you 1,000 times a day. I love being goofy with you and I love our serious talks. I love that you are my best friend. Being married to you is the biggest joy I have ever experienced and I truly feel like the luckiest woman alive. You are such a steady and secure influence in my life. You have taught me more than I thought possible and have helped me grow in my relationship with God. You make me giddy and smile every time I see you. We have grown so much as a couple this year and have also grown individually. I can absolutely say that it was a part of God's plan to marry you and I am so thankful for that. Thank you for marrying me last year. Thank you for promising to stay married to me forever. Thank you for serving, loving and caring for me better than I even deserve. You have truly shown me what it means to love someone unconditionally and loved me the way Christ loves the church. I am blessed to be your wife! 
I love you Jordan! Happy one year anniversary! I can't wait for the years to come!

Love, your wife.


  1. Happy Anniversary! What beautiful wedding pictures and a beautiful couple!

  2. Such a beautiful post... those pictures are gorgeous!