Feb 14, 2014

Five on Friday: Valentines Edition!

Happy Friday and Happy Valentines Day beautiful readers!! 

-ONE- I am a sucker for holidays and one of my favorite things is dressing up for them! So today I got out my big comfy red sweater to help make the day more festive! :) 

-TWO- I also love giving gifts and so I found the cutest little candle holders at Target in the dollar section! I couldn't resist! Here are the two Valentines I got for two of my lovely co-workers, Kelsey and Sami! Love them! :) 

-THREE- My amazing husband has gone above and beyond this week to make me feel special! Seriously, he is the most thoughtful man in the world! He surprised me on Sunday with this beautiful necklace! That was such a fun surprise and so unexpected! 

-FOUR- This isn't Valentines related but it is still equally exciting! Wednesday was my big sissy's birthday! Unfortunately I wasn't able to see her on her birthday but hopefully I will for a little bit this weekend! :) Happy Birthday Sister! Love you!

-FIVE- Tonight the hubs and I are having an exciting date at home! I am SO excited! We are making a fabulous dinner, drinking lots of wine and building a fort in our living room! Can't wait for that! That is something I have always wanted to do together and tonight is the perfect time. It probably won't be as elaborate as this pic but I can dream right? 

Happy Valentines Day! What are your plans? 



  1. What great and unique V-day plans! :) AND, ps, you are your sister are BEAUTIFUL!!

  2. You sound just like me! I'm a sucker for holidays and I LOVEEE giving cute little gifts to people on all of the holidays! It sounds like you have an awesome night planned. I love the tent idea. Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Love date nights at home!! And happy birthday to your sweet sister!! :)

    Happy Friday, pretty girl!

  4. We chose to have a date night at home for Valentine's Day! I hope your day was better than ever!

  5. I love finding little ways to celebrate each holiday, so I'm totally loving your red sweater and sweet Valentines for your coworkers! Hope you're having a fab weekend :)

  6. LOVE that you had a date that consisted of wine & building a fort in the living room!! What an awesome way to celebrate Valentine's Day!!