Feb 19, 2014

Winter Carabox Reveal

Cara Box

Hey there! I am here to {Link Up} with Katelyn over at Wifessionals for her Carabox Exchange. I have been participating in the Carabox Exchange for almost a year now and it has been so fun! You get to know ladies from all over and you also get a fun surprise package at the end! Who doesn't like surprise packages in the mail? 

The Winter Carabox theme was {SHINE}
The idea was to send your partner items that reflect what makes them SHINE! 
This is the way that Katelyn explained this months theme. 

"Whatever ways your partner shines, put together a box that compliments those things about her. A bag of coffee to help her get through the sleepless night and midnight feedings. A luggage tag for her frequent business trips around the country. Beautiful stationary to record her thoughts and feelings. Discover all of the beautiful things about the woman she is and send her a package that celebrates her!"

This month we also were partnered with people from our own state which was AWESOME! It was so fun to get to know someone from a place close to you! I was partnered with Danielle and Janene. It was so fun getting to know both of them! This month Katelyn used Instagram as a way to reveal your Carabox and also keep in contact with your partners! I loved that because I probably look at my Instagram like 50 times per day so I always saw their updates! 

I sent a package to Danielle. She is a young momma with a sweet little one and another one on the way! It was great to be able to get her items for her box that were for her little ones as well as some treats for her! 

Janene over at Celebrating Life sent my a box. She did an amazing job picking out items that I LOVE!

I LOVE getting mail so when I saw this I think I squealed a little! 

Look how cute she packaged it!

All of the lovely items inside! 

1. Caribou Coffee...enough said! 

2. Lotion... it smells so good and I have seriously used it every day!

3. Adorable earrings. I have worn them twice already. 

4. Cutest coffee mug with delicious chocolates inside! 

5. EOS lip balm that stuff is magical. 

6. Cutest gold and pink notepad! I have started making my grocery list on this!

And last but not least she wrote me a cute little note!

Thanks Janene!

I am so excited because I think I may have an opportunity to meet her next week! Can't wait!

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Coffee!! I'm a fan too. :) And those earrings are absolutely darling! If you meet her, you'll have to post pictures!! So stinkin fun. This really is the best swap out there. :) New follower from the link up.


  2. How fun?!! What a cool way to connect a little deeper with fellow bloggers... Thanks for sharing this!

  3. looks like you got some great things :) stopping by from the linkup!

  4. Stumbled across your blog while looking at some of the Cara Box reveal posts. Looks like you got a wonderful box!! I love the Cara Box exchange... besides the fact that getting mail is so much fun I have also enjoyed getting to meet so many wonderful women through the experience!

  5. That gold wrapping is so adorable.