May 2, 2014

Five on Friday!

I have done a crummy job of posting this week but I promise next week will be MUCH better! :)

Linking up with the girls for Five on Friday! 

We got Miss Phoebe last week and let me tell you, we are in love! She is such a fun kitten and we have had a blast playing with her and snuggling with her when she's sleepy. Love this sweet little girl. 

I got my hair colored on Tuesday and let me tell you that is one of my favorite things. It is so relaxing! I just sit reading my magazine, drinking my cucumber water with a hot next wrap around my neck! Doesn't that sound like heaven?! I seriously wish it was something I could do every week! HA! But that would not be good for my hair or my bank account! 

Excited for my new blonde hair! Ready for summer!

If you haven't taken advantage of Starbucks Happy Hour this week. You should! Got this beauty yesterday and am seriously contemplating getting another one today.

My lovely plants are growing like crazy in my window! I love having live plants in our home and I am so glad they are actually growing! 

Jordan is umpiring a tournament all day tomorrow and then is going to a Twins/Orioles game on Sunday so I will be pretty much flying solo this weekend. Phoebe and I will get a lot of bonding time and hopefully I can get a lot of projects and cleaning done! 

Have a beautiful weekend friends!



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  1. Your hair looks gorgeous!! And girlll, my hearts loves your kitten :) :) ..I love my puppy, but kitties will forever hold a special spot in my heart!

    Have a fabulous weekend, friend!