Apr 25, 2014

Five on Friday!

It has been a fantastic week and we are going to have an even better weekend! Can't wait!

I had my retreat day for the month on Wednesday. I love those days. They are so relaxing and I just love spending the entire day reading, journaling, and watching sermons. During this retreat day I spent a lot of time reading about forgiveness and conflict. You can read the post I wrote on Wednesday here. Love the way that God teaches me things every day. 

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Yesterday my lovely friend Bree and I went and got pedicures. Love our girl dates. It was so relaxing and when we got back to her house, our husbands had got pizza for us! 

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Last night we went to a show at a coffee shop in town called Sidecar. A friend of ours from church was playing for a charity event. It was so fun and relaxing. Love shows in coffee shops! 

This is Holly, she is the proud wife of our friend who is playing! 

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Tonight I am having a sleepover at my house with my college small group girl! I can't wait! We are going to eat, watch movies and go bowling! Love this group of ladies and can't wait to spend time with them. 

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We are getting a kitten tomorrow! I cannot wait to pick our little sweetie up. Stay tuned for the name! 

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So excited for the weekend! I will post an updated picture of her when we pick her up! 

Have a great day beautiful readers! 



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  1. IT is so true, Lindsey that God totally teaches us something new every single day! I'm constantly feeling like the Lord is teaching me something, or growing me in one way or another. What a lovely God we serve!