Apr 4, 2014

Five on Friday!

Hope your day so far has been filled with joy, Jesus and lots of coffee!


Last weekend was BEAUTIFUL and we definitely soaked up as much time outside as we could. We even ate supper outside and took a super long walk around our town. It was glorious. 

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I am SO ready for summer clothes and dresses again! I cannot wait to go shopping for maxi dresses and bright fun jewelry! 

Just bought this lovely summer dress.  Cant wait for it to come in the mail. :)

My sweet husband always finds ways to surprise me and make me feel special. On Wednesday he got me flowers for no reason and also volunteered to do all the dishes. He is a keeper. 

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On Wednesday I participated in sweet Rachel's Coffee Date linkup. It was a huge success and it was so fun reading what was on other women's hearts on Wednesday. I am so thankful for the blogging community I have met and have gotten to know. I have learned so much from them. You can read my post here

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It is my parents 30th wedding anniversary on Monday so we are going to go celebrate with them tomorrow with my sister and her boyfriend. I can't wait to spend time with them and celebrate such an exciting anniversary!

Have a great weekend! 




  1. Happy 30th to your parents!!! My parents celebrated their 30th last year :) :)

    And that maxi... LOVE!!! Happy Friday, girlfriend! Xo

  2. Oh my gosh! That maxi dress and necklace is SOOO cute! I love those colors together! :)

  3. Just found your blog from over on Kenzie's sidebar and I'm glad I did :) I'm loving it! If you get a chance, come say hi! I love making new blogging buddies. Anyways, I love maxi dresses; unfortunately I'm stinkin 5'1'' and it's insanely hard to find one that fits me. BOOOO! Someone needs to make maxi dresses for short peeps! ha.

  4. Love that maxi dress! And major husband points for the flowers and being on dish duty :)


  5. Sweet husband! I love when they do random acts of kindness, I think it is the female version of keeping it spicy! :)