Feb 27, 2013

Wedding Shower #1

I had my first wedding shower last Saturday and it was SO much fun! My sister and my friend Dana planned it and they did a FANTASTIC job. Everything went so well and it was absolutely beautiful. It was so encouraging to have so many women come and celebrate with me as I prepare to marry Mr. Prescott! {80 days!}
We had my shower at the church that I work at and it was the perfect place for it! It was in the cafe and the sun was streaming in the entire time. It was gorgeous outside and we couldn't have asked for better weather {especially right after the snowstorm!} Dana did all of the decorations and my goodness did she do a fantastic job! All of her ideas were inspired by Pinterest and they were incredible.
Photo: Bridal shower fun for my Lindsey :)

These are what she made for the centerpieces for the tables. Aren't they so classy? 

{I will post more pictures of the decor at the actual shower later when I have my moms camera}
This was one of my favorite ideas that she had! Every guest was asked to bring a recipe to share with me so I can add to my collection! I got a lot of good ones!
Finished product! LOVE it!


All of these details from the shower were just amazing. The ladies did such a great job!
Such an amazing gift. Can't wait to hang this over our bed!
One of my favorite things about this shower was that I got to see so many amazing women that I haven't seen in a long time. It was such a great opportunity to get some of the most influencial women in my life all in one room! I am blessed.
So good to see this beautiful lady! I have missed you Kitty Kat!
So thankful she was able to make it! Definitely a great surprise.
So good to see these girls!

I wish I pictures of everyone that was there but unfortunately the time just went too fast and I wasn't able to get pictures with everyone.
This is my amazing mother. I wouldn't be who I am today without her. Love you mom!
These are the awesome women who made the day possible! All of these ladies worked so hard to make this such a special morning for me! Thank you all so much!
My sister did such an awesome job with all the games. She had a newlywed game which was hilarious and several other fun guessing games. She also had us play the "toilet paper bride" game. That was so much fun and everyone was such good sports!
So thankful for everyone that came to my shower! I love you all so much and you are all such a huge part of my life as well as Jordan's.
This is my sister, my mom, and I. We look nothing alike right? HA.
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  1. What a beautiful shower! Its such an exciting time for you!