Feb 16, 2013

You're my sweetheart!

I know I am a little late but...
Happy Valentines Day!!!
Valentines Day was on Thursday and since I "supervise" volleyball on Thursday nights, Jordan and I decided to celebrate on Friday. I was really excited, however, so I decided to give Jordan his Valentines Day treat on the actual day.

This is the fruit pizza that I made my sweetheart on Thursday...

He pretty much loved it and said that it was almost completely gone by Friday. My future hubs sure does love pizza...alllllll kinds. :)
                                                       I belong with you....                                                 
                                                   You belong with me...
On Friday he surprised me by bringing me these BEAUTIFUL flowers at work. I was a happy girl.
The fun continued because we went out for a Valentines date to the Waterstreet Bar and Grill in Waverly. This is us right before we left. Doesn't my man look handsome?!
                                    Can't wait to marry this guy... {3 months!}


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