Jul 8, 2014

Marriage is: Marriage isn't- Part II

Today I am going to share with you my second post about some of the things that I think marriage is and some of the things I think that marriage isn’t. I will be doing a post about this once every other week for the next month so stay tuned for that!

*The following statements are based off of my personal opinion and what I believe to be true. I am in no way claiming to be a marriage expert.

Marriage Is…
Hard work

Marriage isn't easy. There are days that are easier than others but making a marriage work is not easy. It takes a LOT of good communication and forgiveness. I remember a few of the disagreements that my husband and I have had and how the thought always entered my mind, "why is this so hard?" Well really the answer to that is that we are both sinners and we are living in a small space together. We are going to hurt and upset each other, and often we don't even mean to! There are going to be seasons of struggle and hardship in your marriage and it is important to never stop working at it. Marriage is the hardest and best thing I have ever done! 

Marriage isn’t…

I have heard so many television shows and movies make fun of marriage and make it out to be boring and stressful. They hardly ever show the passionate, funny, exciting and special times to represent a marriage. Marriage is not boring at all! I have never had more fun than I have with my husband since we have been married. We love to try new things, create special moments, go new places  and be really, really goofy! Marriage will be what you put into it. If you don't make an effort with your spouse or your marriage, it will probably be pretty boring. Try something new! 

Marriage is…
Serving and Sacrificing for one another

God designed marriage and he shaped it to represent Christ and the church. It represents Christ giving up his life for the church and sacrificing for the church every day. We can show this kind of sacrificial love in our marriages. We can serve our spouse in a way that people wonder where that loves comes from. That is your chance to share the gospel!  It is also a way we can show love to our spouse to make them feel special and that they are the most important person in our lives. When my husband sacrifices his time, interests, and desires for me, he shows me love in a beautiful and deep way. 

Marriage isn’t…
Winning an argument or discussion

This one can be challenging at times for people like me who like to be right. It is my natural tendency to try and convince my husband that I am right and he is wrong in a disagreement and vice versa. We are both always trying to make the other person see our perspective but then failing to listen to theirs in return. It is so important for me to remember that we are on the same team and we are not fighting with each other but instead fighting for each other.

Marriage is…
Something you need to protect

With all the perversion in this world today it is SO important to protect your marriage. There are temptations around every corner and especially in this society they are very easy to find. Fight against those things! When the devil sneaks into your thoughts and plants an image or idea it is so hard to get it out. Fight against temptations and have accountability. Find someone of the same sex as you that you trust and have a great relationship with. Talk to them about your marriage and about your struggles. Ask them to pray for you and your spouse. Also, pray for your husband. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I often underestimate the power of prayer and the difference it can make in our lives. 

Marriage isn’t…

Don't be afraid to have fun in your marriage and remember to give yourself grace. I often get caught up in the expectations that I have for myself in our marriage. They are so overwhelming to me! Plus, they aren't usually the expectations that my husband has for me! I need to remember that I'm not perfect, my husband is not perfect and our marriage is not perfect. Avoid comparing yourself to other people and avoid comparing your marriage to other peoples marriages. Enjoy your spouse and enjoy your marriage! 

There are many other things that marriage is and marriage isn’t but for today these are the ones that I am focusing on. Stay tuned for more! 

Thanks so much for following along today! Marriage is such an important topic to me and I feel blessed to be able to share my heart with you all today! 

Have a beautiful day! 


  1. Such a lovely, lovely post. All of this is so true... and I totally agree with you - media portrays marriage as boring, but that just isn't the case. In fact, I 100% have more fun and am more adventurous now than before my hubby and I were married!

  2. Beautiful post full of so many truths! Amen, sister! :)
    Marriage is such hard work, but oh so rewarding.

  3. This post is beautiful!!! I have had so much more fun with my husband than I did being single or dating him for that matter. There is nothing like doing life and growing older with your spouse. :) So much truth.

    :) Kenzie

  4. Great post! These things are so true :)