May 15, 2014

Summer Bucket List!

I am excited to share our summer bucket list with you all today!
Jordan and I enjoy coming up with a list each spring for some of the things we want to accomplish/do in the summer months. We don’t always get everything accomplished but it is fun to have a list of ideas!

Here is the start of our bucket list for this summer in no particular order.

1.      Go camping
2.      Create a firepit in our backyard
3.      Go to a MLB game together
4.      Day trip somewhere spontaneous
5.      Play catch together
6.      Have a water balloon fight
7.      Drive-in movie theater
8.      Volunteer somewhere together
9.      Paint our TV stand
10.  Church sand volleyball game across from our house
11.  Take a bike ride once a week
12.  Set up our guest room
13.  Try every restaurant in our town once (we don’t live in a very big town!)
14.  Make Amaretto Sours at home
15.  Create more opportunities for both of our families to spend time together
16.  Visit Badura family
17.  Grow our garden
18.  Make homemade salsa using vegetables from our garden

We will probably add to it later but this is what we have so far! 

What would be on your list?  



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