Mar 13, 2014

Honest wife moment...


There are days when I feel like I am rocking at my duty as a wife... and then there are days when I feel like I'm not... Let me explain.

Before we were married I had this idea in my head that as soon as I said “I do” I would turn into June Clever and make elaborate and healthy meals for my husband, as well as keeping the house spotless, AND look perfect and put together all at the same time...

Well, that was a silly idea wasn't it? It’s fine if you are chuckling right now as you read this. I’m not sure what I was thinking by having this idea. It isn't real life. I set myself up for failure even before I started. Now don’t get me wrong, I do believe that I have the potential to tackle one or more of these “aspirations” at a time on any given day. BUT for me to believe that I was going to be PERFECT at all of these things at once is just plain foolishness.

When we first got married (only 9 months ago) I was working a full time job, as well as a part time job on nights and weekends. My husband was working over 40 hours a week as well as co-coaching a freshman baseball team. We didn't have much time at home together and I definitely didn't have much time to plan meals or keep our house spotless… Well, I probably did have the time but honestly, I was just exhausted.

Thankfully, now I only have ONE job and my husband has a different job with much better hours. Praise Jesus for that! Now that we have MUCH more time together and I have more time at home to clean and cook you would think I would be rocking this wife thing! I have to admit… I’m not. At least the cooking and cleaning part I’m not. I have tried coming up with cleaning schedules and even put up a cute menu board… it still hasn’t worked!

I know that my identity should not be found in my role as a wife but I have a very strong desire to make my house a home for my husband. I want him to feel comfortable and at ease when we are at home and not stressed about deciding what we are going to eat tonight and walking around the piles of laundry and clutter...

So there you go. Honest wife moment. 

In all seriousness though, I would love some practical tips or suggestions for how to balance working a full time job and keeping a clean and happy home. Also, I am in desperate need for some quick and yummy meals to plan for our weeks ahead? 

If you have any suggestions I would LOVE to hear them! I am also interested in hosting a guest post on my blog so if you are interested please let me know! Thanks for reading all of this!

Have a beautiful day fellow bloggers! 




  1. What a sweet heart you have. I think these are great desires. I have little advice except marriage first, house second. Make one day a week your chore day that both give something like 50-50 to.

    1. Thank you Courtney! It is so great to remember that! I know that my marriage is MUCH more important than how my house looks. :) I love that idea of a chore day! Thanks for the advice! Have a great day beautiful!