Mar 14, 2014

Five on Friday!

-ONE- My mom came on Saturday and we had a great day shopping and spending time together. While we were shopping, we got some frames for my family wedding photos. It was a lot of fun putting this wall together! I loved how it turned out!


-TWO- My mom also gave me such an incredible gift! She made a scrapbook of our wedding photos and invitations! I was SO surprised and so thankful. There is no way I would ever have enough time to put that much time into a book like that. It will be so awesome to have and have our children look at someday.


-THREE- Our date night is always on Thursdays and last night we did something a little more special than usual. We went on a little road trip a couple of hours away and watched a state semi-final basketball game. We walked across this gorgeous bridge to get to the game and I snapped this pretty little picture. Wish it wasn't so dark though. Love my handsome hubs!

-FOUR- I started crocheting this week and this is my first project. I have been knitting for years but this is my first time crocheting. It was so fun to make! I am still not fantastic at it but I am getting better. What a fun hobby! 

-FIVE- I have been having struggling with some health problems over the past couple of months and I have been reflecting on this verse this week. He is in control. 





  1. That is so sweet of your mom to put that scrapbook together - definitely a keepsake! Hope you're feeling healthy and strong this weekend.

  2. Hi from the linkup! Your blog is so cute :) your gallery wall came out beautiful! And how sweet of your mom to make you a scrapbook. My sister-in-law made us one when we got married and it's one of my favorite things from our wedding.
    Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. LOVE the photo collage on your wall! I can never get mine too look uniform enough... Awesome job, girlfriend!!