Mar 10, 2014

Happy Hostess Link Party No. 1

Hey All! The sun is shining the birds are chirping and I am one happy girl!

Happy Hostess

Today I am joining Leslie from Our Joy... His Glory for her 

Happy Hostess Link Party No. 1

Today I am sharing about my bridal shower that I had last year! It was SO beautiful and my hostesses did an amazing job planning it! 

The theme of my wedding was Rustic and Vintage so the ladies wanted my shower to have a similar feel. My friend Dana planned the decor and my goodness she did a great job! 

Photo: Bridal shower fun for my Lindsey :)

These were what the centerpieces looked like for the shower. Completely beautiful. 

This was our guestbook table. 

The window was my gift from Dana. I love it! 

These were the cookies that we gave away at the end of the shower they were in the shape of rings! The heart says "Lindsey said yes and now wears a ring as shiny as the sun. Thank you for being our guest and making this brides day so fun!" 

Can't have a shower without games! 



  1. You had a gorgeous shower. I love all the little touches. So beautiful. Thanks for linking up! I'll be sharing your post on Pinterest if you don't mind!

    1. I don't mind at all! Thanks for letting me know about it! :)

  2. Love the burlap with pearls!!! Totally feminine, but still rustic! Gorgeous!

    1. Thanks dear! I felt so blessed by this shower! :)