Mar 7, 2014

Five on Friday!

The hubs and I were suuuuuper sick this week so we are ready for a relaxing weekend with full health. 

-ONE- Looking ahead at the weather and it looks like it is FIINNNALLLLY starting to warm up a bit. We have had negative degree weather almost every day for the past two months and I am sick of it! Praise Jesus for 40 degree temps! I may just break out my flip flops! 

-TWO- We both were soooooo sick of being stuck in the house this week because of sickness so we went on a much needed date out to eat! It was delicious and we actually got out of sweatpants! Woot! 

-THREE- Ice cream... basically I just love it. BUT I am really going to try and kick my butt in gear and attempt to lose some weight before spring is here. So... I am going to have to stop eating a bowl of this deliciousness every night after supper....{sigh} 

-FOUR- I am joining Elise and Katelyn for their {I'm In The Word} series and it has been a GREAT couple of days so far. Can't wait to see what God teaches me in these 21 days! You can read my post about it here


-FIVE- My mom is coming to visit tomorrow and we are going to spend the day together. I am really hoping to get some shopping in while she is here. Ahhh I love weekends. 

Have a fabulous weekend beautifuls! 



  1. Yay for hopefully a HEALTHY weekend!! And for mom time! My parents are visiting me the end of this month, and I CANNOT wait!! :) :)

    Happy Friday, pretty girl! Xo

  2. Hey girl!! Just saw your comment over on my blog and it made my heart so happy! I tried to email you a reply but I think you may be a no-reply blogger...So happy to connect with a kindred spirit! :) would love to get to know you more and so happy to have you find my little blog and follow along! YAY!! xoxo

    1. Hey! I just changed my settings so I am not a no-reply blogger anymore. :) Thanks for the comment girl! Love getting to know new blogging friends!

  3. Happy Friday. Just popped over from the Link-up. Love that you are joining up for the In the Word series.
    BTW, I glanced over at your wedding shower. Would you like to link up on Monday to my first link-party? I'd love for you to share the pics from your shower or your wedding. Looks beautiful. I'm sure it'll inspire someone!!

    1. Leslie! I would LOVE to participate! What are the details? :)

  4. Dropping by from the link-up! My parents are visiting next week and I am sooo excited!! There's nothing like mother-daughter shopping!! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

  5. The weather has been getting much warmer here to and it is really starting to spoil me!! :) Have a great weekend (and time with your mom).


    Lindsey! I nominated you for the Liebster Award! 😘