Jan 7, 2014

The subject I hate to talk about

I want to talk about something that has been on my heart lately. Something that I hate thinking and talking about. It is something that is everywhere and it feels like it is impossible to get away from.

 That something is lust.

I hate lust. I hate that it is everywhere I look and that it is everywhere husband looks and also where my future children will look. I hate that I can't watch a movie or tv program, look at a magazine in the grocery store, or walk down the street without seeing some form of lust. Whether it is inappropriately dressed men or women, sex scenes or nudity in a massive amount of movies, or the way people speak about others...it's lustful. I hate that it the most profitable industry in the world and that it is exploiting SO many people all over the world. I hate that it often gives men a false view of women and that it often give women a false view of their own appearance as well as the view of "what men want." It makes me so sad.

There seems to be no way to escape this disgusting subject and sometimes, the more I think about how widespread it is, the more I want to crawl into a hole with my husband and stay there...forever.

BUT... since that is obviously not possible and probably not very healthy, I guess I need to find a different solution. I think the only solution to this colossal problem is not something but someone.


 He is the only one that can truly make us pure and give us all hope. He can provide healing to broken hearts and relationships as well as make us clean and beautiful again. This is what makes me want to face the world and actually fight against it.

"Create in my a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me." - Psalm 51:10

This is what I want for me, my husband, my future children, my family and my friends.

I want and need Jesus.

I read this awesome article today and it gave me the courage and the ability to write this post about a topic that I hate discussing. Thank you to the girl who wrote this and thank you to the guy who responded to it. Here are to the two articles I am referring to.

Original article:
"Sincerly, One of The Many Girls Who Really Care."

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  1. Hi Lindsey! I stumbled upon your blog via 5 on Fridays, & I adore this post!! Such truth in this! Thank you for being so open and honest about such a hard topic!! Shelby & out my blog over at http://www.mommyhoodinheelsandflats.blogspot.com I am SO new to blogging, but loving it!! :) Thanks again for such this post!

  2. Shelby! Thank you SO much for the comment! I love hearing feedback on my posts and I especially love when they can touch someones life in a positive way! I have loved looking at your blog and it looks like we share a lot of the same interests! Thanks again for stopping by! Have a beautiful day!