Jan 31, 2014

Five on Friday!

-ONE- On Monday, the roads were too bad us to go to work so we had a snow day at home! We enjoyed some quality time together and one of the things we did was put together this puzzle! Both of us really enjoy puzzles but we have never put one together with each other. It was so relaxing!

(It is missing one piece because we couldn't find it.) 

-TWO- On Wednesday I made our favorite dinner Spicy Sausage Pasta AND I made my very first Bundt cake! Thank you Mix and Match Mama for the awesome recipe! It turned out AMAZING!

-THREE- Last week I shared that we were going to be babysitting for twin girls and we did! It was SO much fun! :) They were so precious and seeing my sweet husband with a baby asleep on his chest melted my heart! The parents of the girls also hadn't had a chance to get us our wedding gift yet and so they gave that to us then as well! It was this beautiful picture! I love it and can't wait to hang it in the house! 


Sorry the quality of this pic isn't very good!

-FOUR- I have had LOTS of girl dates this week. It has been awesome! On Tuesday I met with two ladies for coffee and we talked for hours and then that night I had my women's college small group that I lead. THEN last night I had two ladies from work over for quesadilla's  and wine and again we talked for hours. It has been awesome and my heart is full from all that time! 

-FIVE- SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!! Can't wait to hang out with friends, eat a lot and watch funny commercials... oh yeah and I guess watch a football game too! ;) 

                     Funny Super Bowl Sunday Ecard: Am I the only one looking forward to Superbowl Sunday....not for the football, but for the yummy snacks and the amazing commercials!

Have a great weekend!



  1. Both of those dishes look amazing, and I completely agree, I'm going to a Super Bowl Party Sunday just for the food. No judging. :o)


  2. Just stopping by from the linkup... That pasta looks ah-mazing!!!!

  3. Love puzzles!! If only I could get John to play along!!

    Happy weekend, girlie girl!! xo

  4. Snow days and girl dates are the best! I actually did a post about girl time being therapy yesterday! I've had a lot of girl time this week because my fiance is on the road all week for games and it has been awesome!