Nov 8, 2013

Five on Friday!

-ONE- Last Saturday we attended an Iowa game! It was pretty cold when we were tailgating but when we got in the stadium it was PERFECT weather. Unfortunately, they lost but it was still fun! Here are some pictures from the game!
Such a handsome husband!
JP with his sweet Momma. They matched!
Beautiful day!

In his happy place. :)

-TWO- I have been OBSESSED with hot chocolate this week. I have almost had a cup every day this week. (not healthy I know!)
It was very needed at the Iowa game last weekend! Yum!
-THREE- On Sunday afternoon/evening the hubs and I had a much needed "night in." Sunday's are so precious to us because he works every Saturday and I work M-F so we don't ever get an afternoon together. It was wonderful, he bought me surprise flowers, we cooked dinner together, had scratch cupcakes for dessert, rented a couple of silly movies, curled up on the couch and relaxed! I love spending quality time with my husband. It is my favorite thing to do. I forgot to take a picture of our supper but it was DELICIOUS!
-FOUR- I love my job. I am in charge of the childcare for our MOPS group on Thursday mornings  as well as our women's Bible studies on Tuesday mornings. One of the MOPS ladies brought me this on Thursday morning. I am so blessed by them. She gave me a kind note as well as a gift to one of my favorite spots. She is such a sweet woman. I am blessed. Pumpkin Spice, here I come!

 -FIVE-  The small group that I lead meets on Thursday nights. This week we decided to do a fun night so we played board games at a cute coffee shop in town! It was so much fun! It was also jazz night at this place too so we had mood music while we played! It was a delightful time together!
Have a great weekend!

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  1. hey beauty!! just popped over from the linkup and happy to be a follower now! YAY! i feel like we have a lot in your heart already! :) can't wait to read more about your newlywed adventures. i am learning lots too!!! glory to God, girlie! Happy Friday!!! xx