Oct 6, 2014

The Song

Hey all!
I want to tell you about an amazing movie that just came out! If you haven’t seen the movie, The Song, yet you absolutely NEED to!!

I was given the opportunity to participate in THE SONG Blog Tour, of which I am delighted to be a part, along with many other inspiring bloggers. I was able to view the film before it even came out in theaters. I am SO glad I signed up for this because this movie was AWESOME!

I love movies that have purpose. Movies that make you think about your own life and how you are living it. This movie definitely did that for me. This movie had the perfect amount of sweet romance that made you just let out a heavy sigh with every sweet comment and moment. But it also had a lot of rawness and reality to it. I like that they didn't hold much back and that they made it as real as possible. It touches substance abuse and adultery as well as heartbreak and bitterness. It made me think a lot about my own marriage. Jordan and I have been so busy lately that we haven’t had a lot of quality time together just the two of us. This movie helped me to realize that we need to slow down and focus on each other. It also made me think a lot about how we try to fill so many voids with other things instead of turning to God. Whenever I start to make something in my life more important than Jesus that is when I will start to feel discouraged and empty. In that moment I can either turn to God to fill me and make me whole or I can turn to something else to fill that spot. God is the only one that can satisfy. Everything else is meaningless.

This movie is a great flick for couples and for a girl’s night. I definitely think I am going to try and do see it in theaters with my husband for a date night. I promise that you will NOT be disappointed by this movie and it is SO worth seeing. Grab your honey or your girlfriends and get to the theater nearest you! 

Here is the trailer for the movie in case you haven’t seen it yet!


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