Jun 30, 2014

Dream Kitchen Wishlist!

While I was cleaning our teeny tiny kitchen the other day I was thinking about what I would want in a kitchen someday when we buy a house. I was thinking about what would be must haves and what would be on my dream list! I was also inspired to write this post because I am entering in the PartSelect giveaway to win a custom painted KitchenAid Mixer! 

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted a KitchenAid Mixer! That is one of those appliances that just makes you feel like a wife and a homemaker! They are just fun to use and they can help make some delicious dishes! 

Here is my dream kitchen wish list! 

A dishwasher.
 Seems so simple but for someone who does not have one it would truly be a gift to own one. It would save me hours upon hours of constantly washing the same dishes by hand over and over again. 

Walk-in Pantry 
This is not an appliance but I put it in the same category. This is something that I would just LOVE but don't know if I will ever get. In our tiny rental house we have hardly an cupboards or storage space. I had to resort to metal shelves with baskets and above the fridge storage. Now don't get me wrong, I love our little house but someday... this would be incredible!

Double Oven
Oh my goodness I am in love. Have you ever wanted to bake dinner and dessert at the same time but you simply don't have the room in your oven or don't want to mix the smells in the same oven? Well I have! Oh my what I would give to have a double oven in my future home. It would be so incredibly useful and a big relief for this lady. 

So there you go! This is my kitchen wish list! I am perfectly happy with my little kitchen for now but is fun to dream right?! 

What items do you have in your dream kitchen? 

Have a beautiful day! 


  1. I wish we would have done a double oven in our house...someday. I did make a walk in pantry mandatory. Love it so much

  2. DEF want a double oven what I buy a house some day!! And girlfriend, you are a champion for not having a dishwasher... I would never have clean dishes!!!

  3. A double oven is definitely on my dream kitchen list too!!!

  4. A huge pantry and double oven are definitely on my list for a dream kitchen. I also want a farm sink, because not only does it look so chic, it is much more self than a small double steel sink!