Dec 20, 2013

Five on Friday!

Can't believe what a busy and fast week it has been! Christmas is in only 5 days! WOW! Here are my 5 from this week!

-ONE- On Saturday I got to spend time with my two beautiful friends Dana and Chelsea. We sat and talked for around 6 hours. It was WONDERFUL! They are such beautiful examples to me. I love hearing their hearts.

-TWO- On Sunday night, the pastor from our church asked us to come over and join them for some       pre-marital counseling with a couple that is getting married in a few weeks. He knew that we were newly married and wanted to hear about what we learned in our first 7 months of marital bliss. I was kind of nervous before hand because I kept thinking, "What do we know? We are still new at this!" But it was so much better than I expected. We were so comfortable and honest with them. JP did an amazing job of explaining some of our struggles as well as some of the things that we LOVE about being married. It was a refreshing time to share with other people about the first half of our first year as husband and wife! It was great for us and the couple we were meeting with seemed to love the time as well. It was a blessing all around. 

-THREE- I attended a Preschool Christmas program on Wednesday for my "little bro" Ayden. It was SO precious! They were so darling and also so nervous, excited and restless all at the same time! It was a beautiful time to see their innocence and enjoy some time with my "Cedar Falls Family." I love them oh so much.

-FOUR- JP had the adorable idea to have a "Christmas Night." He thought it would be fun to go to dinner, finish/start our Christmas shopping and then bake cookies and wrap presents when we got home. Since I love things with themes and I love Christmas I LOVED that idea! We ate at Panera and oh my goodness, it was delicious! They have AMAZING hot chocolate! It is salted caramel and has chocolate chip marshmallows in it! Afterwards we did our shopping and then headed home. My poor husband was so exhausted from being up since 4:30 that we had a pretty low key evening and went to bed pretty early but it was a wonderful and relaxing evening!


We had White Christmas on in the background. My favorite Christmas movie! 

This is how my husband wraps presents!! So sweet. 

I love my husband and how goofy we are together! :) 

-FIVE- I came to work today and a "Secret Santa" had dropped off this for everyone that works at the church. How thoughtful and giving! 

How are you spending your weekend? 


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  1. Love that marriage quote- so true! And love those cookies! Hope you and yours have a fabulous weekend and holiday!